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"We discuss the role of brain connections in behavior"

Our focus is on brain areas that govern internal homeostasis and  brain mapping of our external environment. Discussions here will highlight brain connections, and how these connections translate into behavior. The podcast will feature discussions about the uniqueness and functional diversity of brain regions, as well as the current state of understanding in experimental neuroscience and clinical practice. Scientists, clinicians, administrators, students, and stakeholders will discuss the significance of their work in advancing the field.


Olalekan M. Ogundele, Ph.D.

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Episode 1: about the podcast

Episode 2: reward versus punishment

Episode 3: the “sound” of sound

Episode 4: inherited brain metabolism in fruit fly models

Episode 5: chick embryo in retinal development

Episode 6: brain science behind obesity

Episode 7: addiction neuroscience and the society

Episode 8: administrators in science

Episode 9: modulation tools in neuroscience

Episode 10: neural circuits in model organisms

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Neural circuit mechanisms that govern behavior


Olalekan M. Ogundele, Ph.D.


Rana Fallah-Safa & Ajn Vats

Rana and Ajn are neuroscience graduate students in Dr. Ogundele's Lab. They will be sharing their experience with me and asking questions about the current state of neuroscience research, and the role of basic research in society.


support provided by a National Science Foundation Awards (Education and Outreach component).

Host/Producer: Olalekan Ogundele

Creative Editor: Rana Fallah-Safa

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